About PARS

PARS is an alternative approach to working with children in their leisure time. Based on the practice of the UK adventure playground pioneers, the PARS model of playwork practice was developed from research by Dr Shelly Newstead and is now used by professionals (and increasingly parents) all over the world.  PARS empowers adults to enable children make their own choices about how they spend their free time. Research has found that PARS practitioners are less likely to intervene in children’s self-directed activities and are more open to children’s risk-taking behaviours, which increases children’s social and emotional development and resilience (Chan et al, 2020). 


PARS playwork practice is now being used by practitioners working in a wide range of settings where children spend their leisure time, from summer camps to hospitals and from schools to environmental projects. PARS training is currently available in 11 different countries/regions and five different languages. Our next T2T (training for trainers) will take place in December 2022.

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