About PARS.


What is PARS playwork?

In the last 70+ years, the growing international playwork field has tried to define and describe its work in a number of different ways (Newstead, 2019).

PARS is the first holistic model to define and describe professional playwork practice. It was created by Dr Shelly Newstead, who analysed 70 years of playwork literature to find out what it means to do playwork from a playwork perspective. Grounded in the original philosophy of the adventure playground pioneers, PARS contains theories, methods and techniques which enable practitioners to articulate, develop and evaluate their playwork practice.

PARS – the pro-child profession

PARS playwork practice is being used around the world to enable children to have time and space to be kids. All over the world children spend their free time being supervised by adults. The aim of PARS playwork practice is to compensate children for the presence of adults in supervised settings. PARS empowers adults to let children to make their own choices about how their spend their free time. Adults who use PARS when supervising children in their free time are…

Less likely to intervene in children’s self-directed activities

More open to children’s risk-taking behaviours.As a result, children’s social and emotional development and emotional resilience increases (Chan et al, 2020).

International PARS training

The PARS model was originally piloted and developed over a number of years in Hong Kong and the UK as part of Shelly’s doctoral research programme.

Nowadays PARS training is enabling practitioners all over the world to explain how and why their playwork practice differs from other approaches to working with children. Over 1000 people have now taken part in PARS training in eight different countries.

We have recently developed online training courses to meet the demand for PARS training in the current pandemic: POM (PARS Online Masterclass) and POP (PARS Online Practicals).

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